Lifting Up Jesus

Jesus’ words in this text are powerful and unequivocal – They state that His “lifting up” would have the power to draw men to Himself. Lifting Up Jesus –  What Does it Mean? Through the years I’ve often heard congregations encouraged by worship leaders during…

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“Judging Others” – Living Out Christ’s Words (Mt. 7:1-5)

“Do not judge, so that you will not be judged, since you will be judged in the same judgment that you make, and you will be measured by the same standard you apply.” – Matthew 7:1,2 This part of the teaching of Christ on the…

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Credo Ut Intelligam: Anselm of Canterbury

In philosophy, there is a much discussion concerning the distinct differences between faith and intellectual reason, which sometimes produces a form of rationalism bringing an indictment on the vital faith of a believer. The words of Rene Descartes, “Cogito Ergo Sum,” penned in 1637, have…

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Going Out on A Limb (part 2)

The Story of Eidelweiss Edelweiss is the tiny fragile flower that grows in elevations typically of 6,000 feet and higher in the Alps of Europe.  Generally, the flower grows in the outcroppings of rock and soil in the Spring-time.  Picking Edeweiss blossoms is a daunting and…

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UNDERSTANDING WHAT WE DO A PHILOSOPHY OF MISSIONARY PRACTICE International Missions Project is committed to an ongoing development of a comprehensive missions strategy to fulfill the  gospel mandate of the Lord Jesus Christ based on Matthew 28:18 In doing so, we are committed to go,…

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