Focus: Southeast Asia


The ministry of International Missions Project is an inter-denominational missionary outreach organization, with a simple, yet comprehensive strategy.

  • To present the gospel of Christ, leading individuals to salvation by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • To strengthen and help churches grow through through the solid teaching of God’s Word, and the equipping of the Holy Spirit. Seeing the church motivated to reach their world for Christ, with the love of God.
  • To strengthen and help develop spiritual leaders, through teaching, mentoring, by helping churches, Bible schools, teaching in seminars, helping in small group environments, and in one on one discipleship relationships.
  • To grow in relationship with pastors, leaders, and believers, seeking to support, affirm, and encourage the work of local, indigenous churches, and ministries, for the advancement of God’s kingdom.



Missionary Pastor/Teacher

With a lifetime of cross cultural missions experience, residency, and service, and having served in pastoral ministry in the United States for over twenty years – the commitment to global missions ministry remains as a clarion call upon his heart.

CharlesCharles Curtis - intlmissions - About_new_resize travels and serves leaders, and churches, presently focusing on Southeast Asian and Middle East nations, teaching, training, and equipping believers.

Charles is married, and he and his wife, Jane presently reside in SE Asia, doing the work of ministry in nations. They have 2 children, living in the Middle Tennessee.



With a primary focus in the nations of S.E. Asia, Charles has sought to live, bond, and minister the gospel among Asian people, the vast majority who have never heard the gospel, having no clear understanding of the message of Christ. With a heart to serve, Charles and Jane have been developing ministry friendships and partnerships to help advance the cause of Christ in Asian nations.

International Missions is trans-denominational, working with and aiding churches and ministries based on the centrality of the gospel of Christ. (please refer to our Statement of Faith – What we believe to see the foundation of our work and ministry.)

“… this gospel MUST be preached in all the world for a witness” – Mt. 24:14

“… the love of Christ compels us.” – 2 Cor. 4:14


A Functioning Board – Trusted Leaders, providing oversight, counsel, decision making, and prayer

Charles Curtis | Chairman/Director (Brentwood, Tennessee, USA)
Bryan Ansley | Secretary/Treasurer (Brentwood, Tennessee, USA)
Butch Brubaker | Board Member (Andover, Minnesota, USA)
Linda V. Olson | Board Member (Zimmerman, Minnesota, USA)
Craig Sorensen | Board Member (Anoka, Minnesota, USA)
Paul Visconte | Board Member (Franklin, Tennessee, USA)
  • International Missions Project is an IRS 501(c)3 charitable Christian Missionary organization.
  • Gifts to International Missions are tax deductible as per IRS rules.